Dezzy is about to go legit.

Ready to consign a lifetime of crime and kicking heads-in to the past, he’s gone all-in on an investment. Finally, something that will secure his and his family’s future forever. A huge, city centre property deal involving businessmen and bankers in ten-grand suits. Dezzy can taste the champagne already.

But Dezzy discovers there’s criminals everywhere, and for the first time in his life he can’t get to them.

Franny used to be on top of his game. Hot headed, ruthless and only heading in one direction: prison. Just released from a murder stretch, Franny re-enters life in Liverpool a new man. A man on a mission to make peace with his past, to make amends, to put distance between himself and his former life, to finally move on.

Can he maintain this path to enlightenment?

Can he fuck.

Eddie loves drug dealing. It’s his life-long career. He has been at it since school.

Eddie knows everyone and everyone owes Eddie a favour. But, nobody’s untouchable in Liverpool.