We are an award winning social enterprise


our original idea was to use our funding from red rose recovery to run a series of workshops for young people in skelmersdale in stand up comedy. This was in direct response to a rise in youth knife crime in the area. we wanted to bring young people together and give them the skills to articulate their experiences in positive ways. this would have built up to a live stand up gig in front of friends, family and peers. this project was being run in association with dan and emma carmichael from blank space theatre. It was to form the basis of one of our stories in the world's first social enterprise feature film, "Skem, I Love You".


Then Lockdown arrived!

all participants felt an improved sense of wellbeing, an improved sense of pride about their town and now have a more positive approach to their mental health. as a wellbeing project, our soap opera was a success.

There are some notable individual participant successes to celebrate as well, such as Mary-anne who has been inspired to set up her own youtube channel where she shares her food preparation videos.

certainly our greatest achievment is giving our

14 year old writer ryan the chance to have professional actors perform his monologues. we're honoured to have been part of his journey.